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Privacy Policy

How Khelo365 uses your personal Data ?

During the registration process and when you subsequently use your Khelo365 account, specific Personal Data ("Personal Data") is collected including, but not limited to, first and last name, date of birth, credit card Data, home or other physical address, email address, phone number or other contact Data. 

Your Personal Data is held by us on servers based in Singapore and elsewhere from time to time.All of your Data is collected and stored in a secure and protected environment and is correct as it is provided. You are entitled by law to have a copy of the Personal Data recorded and to have any Personal Data corrected.

Your Personal Data is held by us on servers based in Singapore and elsewhere from time to time. All of your Data is collected and stored in a secure and protected environment and is correct as it is provided. Players can find their information displayed in their account which will carry information about their history of deposits and withdrawals. The information would be regularly refreshed and cannot assure the validity of the information as the information are subject to superseded. As the user data is sensitive, we will not be able to entertain the request for providing data manually.

 You may change your personal details at anytime by sending us an email. By using this site you acknowledge and agree to our use of your Personal Data in this manner.We do not collect your Personal Data when you use our Site without your knowledge or rent, sell or trade your Personal Data to any third party.

You may 'opt out' of receiving any promotional communications either by choosing to opt out where such option is made available on the Site or in an email you receive from us. Alternatively you may contact us at at any time.

Security of Processing may also use software applications for website traffic analysis and to gather statistics, used for advertising and for determining the efficacy and popularity of among others.

The data transmitted over internet is intrinsically exposed to threat. For example, the information transmitted over chat or email is subject to threat, so we cannot guarantee security for such information. User consents that Khelo365 cannot be held responsible for the loss of information sent by you through these modes.

When you register with, your account is protected by a user ID and Password, it is your responsibility to safeguard your login credentials and not share it with anybody. shall not be held responsible for any issues that could occur if you share your ID and password with someone. If you suspect any breach of your login credentials, it is your responsibility to notify immediately. may contain links to third party websites. Such third party websites are governed by their own privacy policy, the terms and conditions of which Khelo365 has no control over. It is the responsibility of you to read the privacy policy of those third party websites. may use your name, login location while announcing the results of tournaments conducted here. Such tournaments are governed by their own terms and conditions. periodically conducts market research to improve our services, while conducting such marketing research, may share your registration information with the firm conducting such marketing research. Also non identifiable information of the users may be used for auditing purposes.

In case of government requirement or during instances where we suspect or identify serious financial fraud, we may share your login information with the authorities concerned.

Mergers and Acquisitions

If we were ever go bankrupt, or file for insolvency or our company has been merged or acquired by another entity, we reserve the right to share your personal information with whomsoever that is acquiring our company.

Protection of Children

The services offered by are not intended for children under the age of eighteen. We will verify each and every user’s personal information for his age based on the documents provided. However, if we become aware that any minor has attempted to access our services, we reserve the right to reject his registration process and will take steps to remove such information in a secured manner. Also parents are requested to send a mail to, if they suspect their child to use our services.


By using this website, you give the consent to collection of information by and its partners and affiliates

We may periodically conduct security review of to validate your age, identity and verify your use of services for potential violation of our terms and conditions. During such instances, we require your consent for our agents to forward your information to third parties for the purpose of verification

We collect Mobile numbers from our users, which may be used to contact you to inform about the offers and tournaments. Your mobile number shall not be used for any third party communication.

Consent to use Anti Cheating Software

Our Software contains certain feature that detects the use of automated programs that may be used to play the game. Usage of artificially programmed bots can be detrimental to the interests of other players and it is a direct violation of our terms and conditions. By installing our software, you give your consent to our software performing the following functions. Our software may perform some or all these functions.

Scan the list of active software applications running on your system while use this software

Scan the list of active processes that run while you use this software

Scan the files in your system to ensure you use a non-hacked version of the software. During any of the processes if it reveals a suspect application or process, our software may scan the application associated with suspect application and form a mesh, a profile that matches with any such illicit programs. We will not collect or transmit any data from the harddrive to our servers or to any third party other than the information that you provide us.