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Responsible Gaming in Poker

Responsibility comes with effort and so does winning. Poker is one of the most discussed sports that is widely known all over the world. With the coming of new generations, online poker has become very popular among all age groups. And so, without having proper knowledge about the game, one cannot simply win by luck. A player should be responsible enough to be able to handle the game coherently even if he/she wins or loses.

Although there are various articles commenting on how to win at poker, many fail to explain how to play with patience and persistence which is the key role in being a responsible poker player. If you are a regular poker player then you might be well aware of how the game works, but also beware of committing the mistake of tilting. Even the top players suffer a huge loss because of their inability to handle their emotions.

Given below are some of the points you should keep in mind while playing poker in order to be a responsible player:

1.Avoid involving emotions with the game:

One of the biggest mistakes the players make is when a player is unstable with their emotions causing one to be frustrated, and it is committed sub-consciously by almost all the players. When you are emotionally unstable, you will not be able to concentrate in the game and distract yourself from the game. Therefore it is important to note that emotions should never be allowed to take control of your game.

2.Play at fixed-limit amount:

Playing at a fixed limit amount will help you to manage your bankroll, as you will be automatically forced to leave the game after reaching a certain amount. And by doing so, you will not have to worry about losing all your bankroll in one go. Hence, you can always come back after refreshing your mind and not play rashly when you are on a losing streak.

3.Learn to take breaks:

It is a must for the players to take breaks in between games because our minds need rest to be able to focus on something. And poker is a game that requires concentration. You can either take a nap or take a walk outside and keep the game aside for a while so that you can play again after your mind is refreshed again.

4.Learn to manage your bankroll:

The players should separate their personal and poker finances because the risk of using up all the personal expenses is likely to happen when you don’t separate the two. And by doing so, you will suffer a huge loss and even to the extent of bankruptcy. Learn to play within your bankroll and avoid investing all the money even if you have a huge bankroll. Many potential great players never move up in stakes because of their inability to manage their bankroll properly.

5.Trying to win back what you lost:

If you lost at your previous bet and you are trying to win it back, you will only face more losses in your poker career. If a player tends to think only about the present and starts counting every game that they have lost, his mind will be filled with revenge and thus stop focusing on the game and instead shift their focus more on the other players. This way, the player will act rationally by only trying to win back what they have lost.

In such cases, the opponents will notice this and use it to their advantage and the player will end up losing more than what he/she has lost in the first place.

6.Avoid bluffing:

One common mistake that novice players usually make is bluffing too much. The players should keep in mind that bluffing usually works only when you do once in a while, else your opponents will realize your strategy and you will most probably end up losing the entire bet. Do not bluff just for the sake of bluffing, and worst, do not try to bluff someone who is not good at reading hands or does not like to fold too often. Bluffing is a very risky strategy and should be avoided most of the time.

It doesn’t really matter if you are a regular or an irregular poker player, if you keep these points in mind and put it to use, it will help you in the long run and help you be more responsible before making any rash decisions. Poker is a very addicting game, but being responsible is the key to becoming a successful player.

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