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Free Poker Games

Are you new to online poker? Normally, a lot of players are initially skeptical about playing poker online with their real money because of the fear of losing. No one would want to burn a hole right at the beginning of an activity they engage in. It’s good to test the waters before diving in. A lot of poker players begin their poker journey with free poker games and free-roll tournaments. Playing free poker online is the best way to polish your poker skills at no expense.

The Play Money Table – Nothing to Loose

The perfect tables to start with when new to the Poker world, learning through mistakes, trial, and error until you have the confidence to start playing Texas Holdem poker on the online poker sites and create a name for your own.

Poker Free-rolls

As the name indicates, Free-rolls means free poker tournaments, an opportunity to win real money. It means you do not need to pay an entry fee to participate in the tournament but you get paid in real money or free tickets for a buy-in tournament if you win the poker. A lot of poker veterans started initially with poker free-rolls and have proceeded to achieve great things in their poker careers.

Poker free-roll is a great way to build a bankroll with zero risks but win real money or prizes. As r free-roll attracts the best minds across the nation, you get pitted in a field with players at all levels of experience. With several hundred thousand rupees up for grabs, the contest is exciting right from the word go. Players from various parts of the country hit the felt to participate in free-roll as they are a great step to improve their skill level playing free online poker entails several benefits which are invaluable in the long run.

 What is the list of advantages you get while playing free poker online?

  • Improve your poker skills
  • Learn the game from end-to-end
  • Refine your poker strategies
  • A risk-free way to build a bankroll
  • Compete with the best poker minds
Free Poker at Khelo365

At, we offer real money gambling or opportunity intended for an adult audience, we do not differentiate between Cash and Free poker players. We love players who love poker and we go to lengths to ensure they get their due and some more every time they play on our platform. Boasting a powerful platform tailored to support fast poker gaming, our poker-free games and tournaments see participation from players across the country.

The most exciting part of Khelo365 is the free rolls. These games are the perfect real-time training arena for amateurs and newbies to learn and understand online Poker games, free to play, along with easy money.

Tournaments start at a specific time, or when a certain amount of players have registered. Players who survive the thrill and knock the rest out emerge as the winner. The combined prize pool of all the players’ buy-ins is shared between the players as per the registrations and tournament positions.

Players get to win from a pool of Rs.2500/- once every three hours’ worth six lakh of free money every month.

Where to Play Free Poker?
  • Download Khelo365 software or our poker mobile app for free
  • Login with your ID or social media profile and head to our lobby
  • In the lobby, click on tournaments where you can find the freeroll tournaments listed.
  • Choose the tournament you want to play and click on join

At our free tables, you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain. A lot of players use our free poker games to refine their poker strategy and bolster their bankroll with bundles of cash.

Simply download our free poker software and start honing your skills. With at least a game available to play anytime, you do not get a better opportunity than this! Additionally, our site offers a wide range of poker games and tournaments that you can play with your friends or other registered players on our site. Join our fastest-growing poker India community by registering for free! Play now!

Why Play Free Poker at
  • Fast Withdrawal
  • Easy Tournament Structure
  • 24/7 Non-stop gaming
  • Safe and Secure, Legally Compliant
  • Best User Experience
  • Best Customer Support in terms of service
Depositors Free Roll – A free ticket for a BIG Ride

A free ticket for a small deposit of Rs.200/- would reserve your seat to the Daily Depositors freeroll (NLHE)@ 10 PM.!

Then, play your texas hold em game to convert your free ticket into some quick money from a pool of 40K. On your lucky day, you can earn up to 10K – It’s all about dealing your cards on your side and the player on the other side.

There is nothing to lose in the Free money Poker world, it’s just a start that you need to make for the adventurous and thrilling journey of Poker.

Poker is a game where “Nobody wants to quit when he’s losing; nobody wants you to quit when you’re ahead”.

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