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It is nothing but the simple and straight meaning of one's turn to decide what move to make in the game.


Describing the act i.e. check, fold, raise or call.

 Active Player

A player whose hand is still active. That is who has not folded or mucked from the beginning.


A privilege in online poker where one can re-buy chips if he is out of chips or the insufficient amount left in hand to continue the game.


The term used for a player who is a bit more skilled than the other players, or a player who is in his/her comfort zone.


A person who induces in malicious/fraudulent activities like colluding, chip dumping., also combines with other people practicing the same act.


A player whose, bets and raise number of times than folding or checking, just for the purpose of distracting other people's concentration.

 All In

A term used when a player uses his/her last amount of chips to bet.

 American Airlines

Often used in online poker where a player has two aces in hand/pocket.


This term is used for the initial amount of bet, which is a compulsory bet which every Player needs to make to stay in the table.

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Here a player tries to complete his hands using the last chance that is completing the hand using the Turn and River.


Backdoor Flush

if a player has A♥-8♣ and the flop only brings one heart, that player needs both the turn and river to bring hearts in order to complete a backdoor flush.


Backdoor Straight

if a player has 10♣-8♥ and the flop is dealt with A♣- K♣-9♣ , then comes the turn with 6♠ finally the river will be dealt with 7♥ which completes a backdoor straight.


Bad Beat

It is a term used to define a strong hand which is likely to win but by luck gets beaten by a lucky card hit by the opponent.


Bad Beat Jackpot

Bad Beat is when one player has quite a strong hand and is sure to win the pot, but another player who has an efficiently stronger hands gets the jackpot.



The amount of money a person has kept aside to play poker. A very common term used in online poker.



The amount you put into a pot be it in live/online poker.


Bet Blind

It is an action where once can bet before even receiving the cards in hand, just to draw other's attention and distract them.


Big Blind

The person who sits in a position 2 from the dealer (clockwise), he has to bet double the amount of Small blind.



a person who should/must bet some part of an amount before the game starts.



To make the opponent believe that you have a good/high card hand by betting/raising when you do not have a good hand.



This term is used in casino games, where the first card from the deck is discarded so that no one at the table will use it, just in case the dealer himself or other players have seen the card.



When a player has a hand which does not give even a tiny bit of chance to win the pot does not improve till the end of the game.



it is a small coin like device which will move from player to player after every round to indicate who will be the dealer.



The amount which you need to give in order to enter the tournament.


Buy-in Limit

The minimum limit a player should have given to start a game or tournament.




it is a term used when a player bids the amount equal to the bet that was placed.

Calling Station

A player who calls more than raise or check.


A particular amount designated for betting. I.e. in a tournament one can bet only up to a limit.


This option is available mostly in online poker, where players can communicate with each other while playing.


It’s the option where one player chooses to pass the ball, i.e. avoiding betting or folding instead.

Community Cards

The cards that are turned face up on the table are called community cards.




The number of cards a player is given. The deal is more commonly known as the whole time frame of the game i.e. from dealing cards to announcing the winner of the game.


She/he is the person who distributes the cards to other players. The game stars from him/her.

Dealers Button

It a small coin like device which will be moved from player to player after each round, to indicate who will be the dealer


The pack/set of cards used to play the game is known as a deck.

Disconnect Protection

The feature which is used to secure a player's internet connection so that the game doesn't get affected It is essential for online games.


A player can make use of this option to exchange his current card/cards for new card/cards


The drop means to fold or to discontinue from the ongoing hand



Entry Fee

It is a minimum amount charged apart from the buy-in amount, for a very few contests/tournament

Early Position

Position on a round of betting, where the player must act before most of the other players at the table. (It's considered the two positions located to the left of the Blinds).




A player who does not know to play poker and loses a huge amount of money in multiple games is called as a fish.


It is generally used to describe the first 3 community cards that are dealt in a game of poker.


The hand which has 5 cards of the same suit then the hand is known as flush

Flush Draw

If a player has 4 cards from the same suit and hoping to win the hand when he goes for a draw hoping to win the hand with a flush. This is known as the flush draw.


It is similar to drop. Where a player decides to discard the ongoing hand instead of betting, checking.

Four of a Kind

A hand which has 4 cards with different suits but of the same value. Eg 10 ♥ 10♠ 10♣ 10♦ and the fifth card can be any number or value.


Usually available in online poker where a tournament can be played without the buy-in/entry fee.


Kind of an eliminator round, where the game continues till only one player is left with all the pot money.




Betting a game just randomly without any strategy or skill

Gut Shot

When a player opts for a draw when having a straight, that action is known as gut shot



Heads Up

When a game/pot has only 2 players it is known as the heads up


The cards of the flop which help a player to complete the hand

Hit and Run

A player who wins a pot in a short period of time and immediately leaves the table after 1 win


In this game, 2 cards are dealt faced down and 5 community cards are dealt face up in 3 different times. 3 cards(flop) 1(card) turn) 1 card (river), The game ends when the river is dealt.

Hole Cards

The two cards which are dealt (hold'em) to a player are called hole cards.




A player will be awarded a jackpot if he qualifies the pre-defined condition eg: The player has to win his hand with a flush is then he will win the jackpot. The scenario varies accordingly.




The highest unpaired card that is in a player's hand. E.g. 1 player has A ♦-J♣ and another player has A ♠ Q♥ the board comes 4♣9♦ A♥ 2♥ 8♣, both have a pair of aces. The player with the as Q♥ will win the hand as Q♥ is a higher value card. He will be called the kicker.



Main Pot

The main pot is where the bet amount by all players are placed and distributed to the winners of the hand accordingly.

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Nut Flush

If a player has the best hand of flush which cannot beat any other player who also has a flush in hand then he is deemed to have a"nut flush"

Nut Flush Draw

The card which a player will exchange for to win with a nut flush


The best or unbeatable hand a player has got is called nuts




The probability calculated to determine the best winning hand and the least winning hand

Off suit

The hole cards are of a different suit eg: 10♦ J♥ these are called off suit cards.


In this game, 4 cards are dealt faced down and 5 community cards are dealt face up in 3 different times. 3 cards(flop) 1card (turn) 1 card (river), To finish this game you have to play with 2 hole cards and 3 community cards.

Open-Ended Straight Draw

In this scenario the player has four of five cards needed for a straight that can be completed eg: a player has 9♠ 8♣ and the flop comes 10 ♦ 7♥ 2♣the player needs either Js or 6c to complete the hand.


The cards which are going to decide the player's winning hand are called the outs.




The cards holding the same suit or value.

Pay Off

When a player calls the hand as he/she is unsure of the winning status.

Pineapple Hold'em

Instead of being dealt two hole cards as in Texas Hold'em, each player gets three hole cards to begin in Pineapple Poker. After the second round of betting, the player gets to decide which card to discard and continue the game with 2 hole cards.

Play Fast

An act of aggressive betting is defined as play fast.

Player Card

The card that is dealt with a hand is called played card.


The hole cards are otherwise known as pocket cards/pocket.

Pocket Rockets

a pair of aces in the hole cards.


a game played with cards in which people try to win money from each other.

Poker Face

A poker player attempting to conceal the value of his cards without any expression on his face.

Poker room

A website/ software uniquely designed to play poker, where players can play and win real time money.

Poker Rules

A framework/ formula or a set of conditions placed in order to carry on with a game.


The money or chips placed at the centre of the table with which a player tries to win.

Pot Limit

Where the bet amount is equal to the pot amount is called Pot limit.


The initial round of betting before the flop begins is called pre-flop.

Premium Hands

The best possible hands.




Another term used for four of a kind.


The requirement which the low/weak hand should meet to proceed to the next round.




A predefined amount which is taken as a commission by the card room to host the game.


When a player bets an amount higher than the previous bet amount.


The positioning of the card values from highest to lowest or vice versa

Rat holing

An action that defines taking off some amount of money from the table without the knowledge of other players.


If a player raises the same hand after checking the previous round when the action is called re-raise


An opportunity is given to players who run out/ run short off the number of chips needed to continue the hand


A set of cards dealt once again after a misdeal


The last card dealt in the community cards.

Royal Flush

A hand which contains A-K-Q-J-10 from the same suit. It is a predominantly winning hand

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A very strategic or a good player who often stands above all the players.


Another term used for all in. Putting all the money in the pot.


If more than one player remains after the last betting round, remaining players expose and compare their hands to determine the winner or winners.


Mixing up of cards before a hand begins.

Side Bet

Any bet that is made apart from/outside the main pot.

Side Pot

The place where the side bet amount is placed. This amount will be distributed to other players who do not win anything from the main pot.

Sitting Out

An action that defines not playing a few hands. Literally sitting out of the game temporarily.

Small Blind

The person sitting at the immediate left of the Dealer. He/she has to bet half of the amount that the Big blind makes.

Split Pot

When 2 or more players have equivalent hands they get to share the main pot. This is known as Split Pot.


The buy-in amount or the amount that a person is willing to bet in a hand.


The amount raised by a player(a voluntary act) which doubles the amount of the big blind.


Five cards in a row of a different suit.

Straight Flush

Five cards in a row of the same suit.


The identity of each card in the deck i.e clubs, hearts, spades and diamonds




The surface on which poker is played.

Table Cards

The cards turned face up for all the players to use. The other term for community cards.

Texas Hold'em

Another way a hold'em game is called. This is the most popular form of poker played across

Three of a Kind

Similar to four of a kind (quads). Instead, here a player has 3 cards of the same value but different suits. It is also known as Trips

Top Pair

When a player pairs one of his hole card with the community cards.

Top Two Pair

When both the hole cards of a player match the community cards.


A competition help for poker players, usually involving entry fee and prizes which one can if win if he succeeds.

Tournament Fee

This fee is paid towards the card room or the poker house to organize the poker event. It is included in the buy-in amount


The second set of cards (4th card) which is dealt with after the flop.

Two Pair

A hand which has 2 different pairs.



Wild Card

A card that can be played as any value (similar to a joker in a rummy game).

Winning Hand

The hand for which the amount from the main pot is given.

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