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TDS Policy

There is NO TDS deducted if the redeem amounts are less than 10,000 on Khelo365. TDS is deducted at the time of redemption of winning amounts equal or above 10,000. Based on TDS (Tax Deduction at Source) rules for online card games winnings in India, 30% TDS should be deducted on any redeems above Rs. 10,000.

The player will have to update the banking area with his correct PAN number so that we can file the TDS easily.

According to Section 194B of Income Tax, “The person responsible for paying to any person any income by way of winnings from lottery or crossword puzzle or card game and other game of any sort in an amount exceeding ten thousand rupees shall at the time of payment thereof, deduct income tax thereon at the rates in force.

Taxes on Poker Winnings. The Section 194B of Income Tax Act requires every poker player online to pay 30% income tax on the total net income generated in a year.