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How to play OFC (Open Face Chinese Poker)


The game is usually played with all the standard 52 cards. The players in the game are dealt with thirteen hole cards, and they have to fill three cards in the front hand, five cards each in the middle hand and back hand.

The game begins with the left of the dealer, in clockwise direction. The players must also keep in mind the following:

Firstly, the dealer distributes five cards face up to each of the players. The players then have to fill the five cards in the empty boxes according to the proper order, so as to gain more points. After which, the players are then dealt three cards each face down where they get to make use of only two cards laid face up on the table and discard the other one card face down. The game continues until thirteen hands are made.

Fantasy Land

The main goal of the game is to achieve more units/points than your opponent by winning more hands/rows by collecting royalties on premium hands without fouling. Also, if you get to win more than 222+ points in your top hand, you get 17 cards in the Fantasy land, which gives you more chances of winning.

The minimum possible hand to get into fantasy land is QQ. Subsequently, the combination of KK will give you 15 cards and the combination of AA will give you 16 cards.

Fantasy land is more of a ‘bonus’ to the game. If you get to hit the Fantasy Land, you are dealt all fourteen cards at once, and you set your cards face down. This is a big disadvantage for the other players as they are dealt in normal hand without being able to see your cards.

In order to stay in the Fantasy Land one must score 10-point royalty or higher in any sub-hand.

Dead Hand/Fouling

When a player makes a wrong hand, the player will not get any points. i.e,

In such cases, the hand is forfeited and as a result, it is termed as dead hand/fouling. In this case, the player losses 6 points in total i.e, 1 point per row and 3 points for scoop bonus. Players who fouled can also lose additional units if the players with legal hands achieve royalties. Also, the players who fouled, loses all the royalties in his hand and no units are counted.

It is very much important for the players to keep in mind the basic rules of the game: to keep the back hand the strongest, the middle hand slightly weaker than the back hand and the front hand the weakest. Points are added to the winner and subtracted from the loser.

Rules for scoring in OFCP

The scores are calculated by comparing the hands of the players, based on row. In certain cases where both the players have the same hands, none of the players get any units.

Apart from the regular scoring, the players can also get royalties, which are given to the players for making certain combinations. The points are given as a result of the combination of the hands given below:

Scoring table:

Bottom Row Royalties
Bottom Units/Points
Straight 2
Flush 4
Full House 6
Quads (four of a kind) 10
Straight flush 15
Royal flush 25

Middle Row Royalties
Middle Units/Points
Three of a kind 2
Straight 4
Flush 8
Full house 12
Quads (four of a kind) 20
Straight Flush 30
Royal flush 50

Front Row Royalties
Front (Pairs) Units/Points
66 1
77 2
88 3
99 4
10 10 5
JJ 6
QQ 7
KK 8
AA 9
Front (Trial) Units/Points
222 10
333 11
555 13
666 14
777 15
888 16
999 17
10 10 10 18
JJJ 19
QQQ 20
KKK 21
AAA 22

Tips to play OFCP

Open Face Chinese Poker is a highly addictive and exciting game. In OFCP, the rules are quite different from that of Texas Hold’em. Here are some few tips on how to play Open Face Chinese Poker:

Variations of OFCP:

Pineapple Open Face

In Pineapple Open Face, the game is played by two to three players. The players are dealt with five cards each, and they have to place it anywhere in the three rows. After which, they are dealt three cards at a time. In each round you keep two cards and discard the third face down. The match lasts only one hand and can be extended only if the players get to hit the Fantasy Land.

Turbo Chinese Poker

The Turbo Open Face Chinese Poker is a higher speed variant of OFC. The scoring and gameplay are the same as the regular OFC, but here, the players are dealt four cards at a time in the second and third round. Initially, the players are dealt with five cards each at the beginning of the play, just as on regular OFCP.

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