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As you have enlightened your knowledge about how to play Texas Hold’em poker, the five-card combination is determined to be the best based on the hand ranking. To fathom the hand ranking better we have fabricated a few frequently asked questions (FAQ) from which you can understand the hand ranking with live game scenarios.

So let’s learn about the hand ranking ( highest to the lowest rank):

Royal Flush

All the same suit

Straight Flush

Any sequence but all the same suit

Four of a Kind

Four cards with same value

Full House

Three of kind and pair


All the same suit


A basic sequence

Three of a kind

Three cards with same value


Two pairs


Any pair

High Card

Whatever your highest card


Qn : Straight or flush, which is a better hand?

Ans : 5 cards of the same suit is called the “flush” which is ranked higher than the “straight” that is 5 cards in a sequence. This is one of the most common confusion that rises among the new players.

Qn : What if two players in the table form the same pair of combination?

Ans : In such scenarios, the pot money is equally divided between the winners. This happens only if the players have the same pair of hands or else even a single high card could change the winner.

Qn : What happens if two players form a straight hand each?

Ans : In poker, the straight’s are usually represented in higher cards like straight–to- ten (10♥, 9♠, 8♠, 7♦, 6♥) so the player forming the higher card wins the game.

For example: let us take two players A and B, say player A has two hole cards of 9♥, 10♠ and player B has hole cards of 4♠, 5♦ while the cards on the community cards are 5♥, 6♣, 7♦, 8♠, 9♦. In this case, player A (6♣, 7♦, 8♠, 9♥, 10♠) wins over player B (4♠, 5♦, 6♣, 7♦, 8♠) because player A has higher cards when compared to player B.

Qn : What happens if two players form a Full House each?

Ans : Texas Hold’em is a game of high cards hence the higher cards are always considered for the win. So the player with higher card wins the pot in such scenarios.

For example: say, player A has two hole cards of K♥, K♣ and player B has hole cards of K♠, 10♦ while the cards on the community cards are K♦, 2♣, 10♥, 8, 10♣. In such scenarios, the player A with a card combination of (K♥, K♣, K♦, 10♥, 10♣) wins over the player B with a card combination of (k♠, k♦, 10♦, 10♥, 10♣) because the player A has the highest ranking hole cards.

Qn : What happens if nobody forms any combination of cards?

Ans :  In the game of poker when no player forms any combination of cards the highest ranking card wins the pot.

For example: Say, player A has A♥, 10♦ and player B has K♣, J♥ while the community cards shows the community cards of 8♣, 4♠, 2♦, 5♦, 9♥. Player A wins the pot as player A forms A♥, 10♦, 9♥, 8♣, 5♦ and player B forms K♣, J♥, 9♥, 8♣, 5♦ where A is the highest ranking card.

Now that you have good knowledge about how to play poker as well as the hand rankings, Log-in and kick-start your win towards big pot.