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Reverse Hold’em is one of the variants of the most famous Poker game Texas Hold’em. It is almost similar to Texas Hold’em, very easy to learn, and uses the same hand rankings and betting structure.

Reverse Holdem Poker


The small blind, big blind, betting rounds, and hand rankings are like Texas Hold’em. The only difference is in how the community cards are dealt. Every player gets two hole cards and they will use the cards. After each player has received his/her pocket cards, the initial betting round begins. After the first betting round, unlike Texas Hold’em the dealer will flip only one community card, which constitutes the flop. This is followed by a second betting round.

Again, after all, the remaining players have either folded their hands or called the highest bet, the dealer flips the turn, which is a second community card. This is again followed by a betting round when all the players have either folded or called, the dealer flips the river.

A final round of betting is held. Any players who have not folded by the end of this betting round show their pocket cards. Whoever makes the best five-card poker hand from their two pocket cards and five community cards wins the pot.


In Reverse Texas Hold’em hand uses a fixed limit betting structure, bets, and raises in the first two bettings. Likewise, the higher number is used to determine minimum bets and raises during the final two betting rounds.

Each player can make four bets per round including an initial bet, a raise, a re-raise, and a cap. Once a betting round is capped, players can no longer raise the bet and must either call or fold.

Reverse Hold’em is as engaging and thrilling as the regular one and requires a good workout strategy. Enjoy every variant of Poker only in Khelo365.

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