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Khelo India

Sport is one of the necessities for mental and physical development in a human being. A man should be fit mentally and physically to be able to cope with society. Khelo India was introduced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 31st Jan, 2018 to revive back the culture of sports in India.

The value of sports is much more than what meets the eye. It not only helps to shape up an individual, but it also helps in building the backbone of the nation. It also provides a sense of well-being to the individuals by helping them to think clearly and helps in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Varieties of sports come under this category, Khelo India has been incorporated in such a way that one can play at the national level if that person has the skills and the talent to do so. One example of such sports is the which is online poker. Like any other sport, it requires time and effort to be a professional in this field.

Poker isn’t something you can master overnight, to be the best, a player should be able to think logically and rationally and have a stable mind. This way, the players’ mentality and the capability to make decisions is widened and improved much more. Khelo365 has inculcated varieties of game in such a way that any players will be able to cope with rules of the game and also help them to work their way up in becoming a professional player.

Mind sport is equally important as any physical sport, as much as our physical body needs to be fit to able to compete with the rest of the players, our brain also needs to be exercised regularly in order to be able to expand our capability of thinking. Online poker also helps the players to make quick rational decisions and also inculcate in them the habit of being patient even in the most chaotic environment.

One of the main objectives of Khelo India is aimed at identifying talented players in priority sports disciplines at different levels by a high-powered committee.

Every sport is food to the body and the mind. It cannot be said that any sport is better than the other, all sport has its own way of benefiting an individual on different levels and categories. The Khelo India has elevated in such a way that it is mainly focused on the impact of the entire sports ecosystem, community sports, including infrastructure, coaching for excellence, talent identification, competition structure as well as the sports economy.