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Run it twice is an option given to the players to decide if they want to run the river twice. Two players do this option, and if they both agree to run it twice, the river card will be dealt twice. The pot is then divided into half and awarded to the winner of each run.


It is a method of determining the winner of the pot, after all the betting hand has been completed but before the final cards are dealt. Run it twice can also be used right after the flop or the turn, but only if either one of the two players decides to shove all-in. It is important to note that both the players must be willing to run it twice for the procedure to be carried out.

After the two players on the table agree to the terms, the dealer deals out two sets of the final card, and hence the players will then have two different set of cards. Then, the cards will be compared and the first half of the pot will be awarded to the winner of the hand of the first set of cards and the second half will be awarded according to the winner of the second set of the card.

Also, in order to play Run It Twice, there should be only two remaining players on the table and one of the players must go for all-in. This is usually done when both the players wants to reduce the variance.

In case one player wins both the sets even after running it twice, the pot will be awarded to that player.

For example:

If Tom has a pair of Aces “AA” and his opponent, Henry, has a pair of Kings “KK”. Henry chooses to go for all-in after a few betting round and asks Tom with “AA” to “run it twice”. Supposing, Tom agrees to let it run twice, now, as we know, Tom has “AA” and Henry has “KK” and they choose to run it twice, after the cards have been dealt by the dealer, Henry gets lucky and hits one of two K’s from the second set of card then Henry will be able to win the second half of the pot and thus save himself from losing all the pot.

Usually both players are aware of what each other holds before deciding but if they do then the dealer will run out 2 complete boards. If either player wins both boards then that player would be awarded 100% of the pot. If they win one each then they would each win 50% of the pot.

From the example we can see how Run It Twice can change the game from losing everything to saving your bankroll and in fact increasing your chances of winning the game. If Henry had not requested Tom to ‘Run It Twice’ then he would have lost the entire pot at one go, since it is less likely that he will be able to get ‘K’ from the very first set of the card. Thus, having the option to “RUN IT TWICE” gives you more opportunity to be able to win more.

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