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Speed Cashouts

Introducing Khelo365 Speed Cash outs. Money in the Bank Faster, Play, Win Withdraw. Enjoy.

Q : What are Speed Cash outs?

Ans : Speed Cash outs mean getting Money credited into your bank quickly, so you can Bank your winnings and Increase your Bankroll.

Q : What is the minimum cash out request to qualify for Speed Cash outs?

Ans : Cash out Requests of Rs.2000 and above will qualify for Speed Cash outs.

Q : Are there any Limits on Number of Cash out Requests in a day?

Ans : Yes, Khelo365 will process upto 3 Cash out requests per day per player.

Q : What about Cash out Requests below Rs.2000?

Ans : Cash out Requests of below Rs.2000 will be processed twice a day. Once in the Morning and once in the Evening every day.

Q : Are there any Limits on Number of Cash out Requests in a day for cash out request below Rs.2000?

Ans : Yes, Khelo365 will process upto 3 Cash outs requests per day per player for amount of below Rs.2000.

Q : What are the Timings that Speed Cash out will be processed?

Ans : Speed Cash out slots start from 9am to 9pm(Weekdays) and from 10am to 6pm(Weekend) .

Q : Why was my cashouts not processed?

Ans : Players cashouts could be rejected for following reasons.

  • Collusion or chip dumping
  • Promo-code criteria not fulfilled.
  • Last deposit not wagered.
  • Suspicious activity

With the new cash-out schedule, players can now make easy and quick withdrawal at khelo365. This will provide the players the opportunity to play more and bank their winnings faster. The most important consideration for poker players is to find fast cash-out online poker sites. And here at khelo365, the players can cash-out after every two hours at the scheduled time.

On weekdays, the players can make their cash-out from 9 am to 9 pm, and on weekends the players can make their cash-out from 10 am to 6 pm.

The players will be allowed to cash-out once they have reached an amount of Rs.2000 and above. You can now start winning more and enjoy the full benefits of speed cash-out.

Given below is the cash-out time schedule from Monday-Sunday,

Weekdays Timings Weekend Timings
9am 10am
11am 12am
1pm 2pm
3pm 4pm
5pm 6pm

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