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Poker Strategies

Poker Tournament Strategies for Beginners

Best ways to play poker Tournaments,

  • Know the hand rankings and the odds
  • Get involved in Big Pots
  • Play a LAG style
  • Do not bluff too often

Poker tournaments are one of the best ways players can make real money on a poker site. This is because, for a relatively small price of the buy-in, you can potentially win huge prizes that net you a very nice payday.

The trick of any poker tournament is to stay in as long as possible, that way you end at the highest rank you can against all other opponents, thus grabbing the biggest reward possible.

Below are some tips that will help you get farther in Poker tournaments.

1. Know the hand rankings and the odds

This rule should be the rule that any Poker player should know to play in any variant of poker - in tournaments or cash games. Knowing the hand rankings and the odds in and out will give you an edge over those who are less aware of this information. With it, you can make more informed and valuable bets, and take the necessary risks that will net you more chips which will enable you to continue farther into tournaments and reduce the number of risky bets that will make you bleed chips.

Familiarize yourself with what hands are strong and what hands have a good probability of losing or beating your hand, just doing this alone should tremendously increase your win rate in Poker.

2. Get involved in Big Pots

This tip is incredibly useful early on in the tournament, getting involved in big pots when the blinds are relatively small means you could potentially get ahead of the tournament by growing your chip stack. Having a plentiful amount of chips at the start of any tournament is very valuable, this is because you can be involved in more pots, make riskier bets that will win you a big pot, and ultimately continue longer and longer in the tournament, which is your goal.

3. Play a LAG style

LAG stands for loose-aggressive play style, in which as the name suggests, you loosen your selections of hands you play and play a greater amount of starting hands, and then with the hands, you play, you begin betting and raising more aggressively. This is a somewhat risky tactic; however, this is not without its benefits.

Playing a LAG style in tournaments means you will be involved in more hands and therefore this gives you the ability to bully other players at your table if you win a big stack of chips early on in the tournaments. And as mentioned above, having more chips at your disposal early on in the tournament means that you will ultimately get farther in the tournament – there is a reason why players all start with the same amount of chips in every tournament, having more just gives a player too much of an advantage.

4. Do not bluff too often

In tournament Poker, it is inadvisable to bluff too often because, you are not looking to take away the chips that you win in the tournament, your goal is to go as far in the tournament as possible and rank high enough to bring home a big wad of cash. So, bluffing too often means that you are putting your stack of cash at risk too often, for a reward that isn’t worth it. If you are unsure of whether or not you may win the pot, it makes little sense in a tournament setting to bluff. Be patient, fold your hand and wait for a hand you can play aggressively with instead that has a good chance of winning the pot. If you do have to bluff, make sure your hand is somewhat strong, you do not want to bluff a hand of holding nothing.

With these tips, you now have the harpoon that you can use to hunt down a massive reward. Rewards can be found in the way of Khelo365 tournaments, which are run daily. Many tournaments are numbering in the tens of thousands, you can go here to find out more about our tournament schedule and the rewards we have in store! We wish you the best of luck and hope for you to rank as highly as possible in our tournaments!