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Qn: How to start playing games?

Ans: Once logged into our site, click on the 'play poker' button in the 'my account' box to open the games lobby pop-up window. The lobby gives you a list of all games available along with the details; select the game you prefer to play and click on the 'seat me' button, and then click on 'take a seat' and then 'ok'. You will be able to see your name on the seat and you will be able to start playing now. What are you waiting for? Start playing free money poker games & strike the table with full energy and win.

Qn: How do I know how much money is in the pot?

Ans: The best site to play poker games online in India values your every dime; you will find easy and instant access to check the money in your pot. At any of our tables the full amount of the pot, including all current bets, is always displayed numerically at the top of the table. Also, at the end of every betting round, all bets are collected in the middle of the table and converted into higher denomination chips so you can easily see the pot's total value. 

Qn: What is the difference between No Limit and Pot Limit poker?

Ans: The betting structure for a particular game sets the limits for how much you are allowed to bet each time it's your turn to act, and in the case of the CAP games, how much you can bet in total on each hand.

In poker games with a no-limit betting structure, each player can bet or raise by any amount up to and including their full stack (the total number of chips they possess at any given time) in any betting round, whenever it is their turn to act.

In poker games with a pot-limit betting structure, each player can bet or raise by any amount up to and including the size of the total pot at that time.

In No Limit and Pot Limit games, the minimum bet will be equal to the big blind. However, our games treat the big blind as a raise of the small blind. That means that pre-flop, any raise in an unopened pot that is equal to or greater than the small blind reopens the action.

Qn: If I am faced with a difficult decision in a poker tournament, may I 'request time'?

Ans: All tournament players are given a 'Time Bank' at the beginning of the tournament. If a player needs a longer than normal time to decide on an action, the player can withdraw from the Time Bank, which depletes as the player uses it in the poker game.

After you receive the first-time warning in the chat window when time ends the time bank automatically starts. Please note that once you expend your Time Bank, it cannot be replenished, either automatically or by our staff, so please use your Time Bank accordingly.

Qn: The poker table I wish to join is full. What should I do?

Ans:, The most trusted poker site in India makes sure you get what you want in a matter of time. Be patient to acquire what you desire. If the table you wish to join is full, you can click on the 'join waiting list' button located at the bottom-right corner of the lobby or the bottom of the table when you are viewing a full game. You will be put into a queue (if someone has joined the waiting list before you) and then you will automatically be seated but will have to confirm that you wish to be seated once a spot on the table has opened up. You may also choose to find another table of the same or similar stake that has a free spot.

Qn:  What are the minimum buy-in and maximum buy-in?

Ans: The 'buy-in' represents the amount you need to sit at a certain table. You can buy in any amount between a minimum and maximum amount.

Example: For 25/50 stakes the minimum amount you can sit with on the table is Rs.2000; the maximum amount is Rs.4000. This means you can sit at this table with any amount between Rs.2000 and Rs.4000 as you prefer in real cash poker.

Qn: What is Rebuy?

Ans: Rebuy is a feature allowing a player that had lost all his chips in a tournament to buy back into the same tournament. The rebuy cost is different for every tournament, but all costs will be mentioned in our tournament information in the lobby. Life’s greatest lessons are learned from mistakes and 2nd chance is a rebuy to correct yours and get into a winning streak in online poker.