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Open Face Chinese Pineapple Poker (Basics Rules)

Khelo365 has now added the most addictive poker game called Open Face Chinese Pineapple Poker, also known as OFCP, or Open Face Chinese, OFC OH. The game is played by two to three players. Unlike the regular OFCP Progressive, in OFCP OH, the match lasts only one hand regardless of the number of players. The match can be extended only if the players get to hit the Fantasy Land. 

In OFCP OH, the other players can see the opponent’s cards, as the name of the game itself suggests “Open Face Chinese Pineapple Poker”, the cards dealt are kept face up for the other players to see, except for the one among the three cards which will be discarded face down.

In OFCP, no bets are placed during the rounds of play and instead, the game is scored through points. OFCP deals each player three cards instead of one card per round, and that player must play two cards in turn, and discard the other one.

The players are dealt with five cards as normal, but then to make the rest of the 13 card hands, they are dealt three cards at a time. In each round you keep two cards and discard the third face down. Discarded cards are not shuffled back in the deck, so you must take this opportunity to discard cards you know the other players need for their hands.

After each of the players has 13 cards each on the table, their cards are compared row by row. As in front hand to front hand, middle hand with middle hand and back hand with back hand. All three rows are then compared and scoring is done accordingly.