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Progressive Pineapple Open Face Chinese Poker

The Open Face Chinese Progressive Pineapple observes the greater part of indistinguishable guidelines from the customary Pineapple OFC, with a couple of special cases when players get into Fantasy Land. Dissimilar to in Pineapple OFC where a player is constantly managed 14 cards when they're in Fantasy Land, in Progressive Pineapple, they can get up to 17 cards.

The fundamental ongoing interaction in Progressive Pineapple doesn't change – every player is managed five cards in the principal turn and afterward three additional cards in every back to back turn, utilizing only two in their grasp and disposing of one card face-down.

Fantasy Land

The distinction between the standard Pineapple OFC and Progressive Pineapple is by what number of cards the player gets in the wake of getting into Fantasy Land. The sum is dictated by the quality of the player's top hand. The most reduced conceivable hand to get a player into Fantasy Land, QQ gives them 14 cards, while higher blends give more.

Here’s the list of hands and the amount of cards the player receives:

  • QQ = 14 cards
  • KK = 15 cards
  • AA = 16 cards
  • 222+ = 17 cards

Should the player remain in Fantasy Land in Progressive Pineapple, they will get 14 cards for their sequential Fantasy Land hand regardless of their top hand blend.