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Texas Hold’em Poker Strategy

Online poker is easy to learn but it takes a lot of effort and high intelligence that can be gained only through regular practice & experience to be a good player. The game can be mastered through unique strategies and developing an uncanny playing style. And it takes a lot of effort and practice to get to that level.

Developing a new playing style and strategies takes a lot of time and effort as one has to go through different stages of twists and turns in a game to learn it all. To aid you in this quest, we have come up with a few poker strategies and a few styles of play that you can use in online poker tournaments or poker games to win big prize pools.

Step by step

Whether you are a novice or a pro, poker is a game where one can keep learning. New players can play the game just for fun or play to win real cash online. Here are some holdem poker strategies for all kinds of players that one can implement in their game play to win the pot.

  • Wait for the time to Raise
  • How to increase winning strategy
  • Mix up your strategy
  • Measure the odds

Wait for the time to Raise

Wait for the time to Raise How to increase winning strategy Mix up your strategy Measure the odds

Watch your hole cards, if you’re confident that you have the best cards. Scare the opponent by raising a big bet.

If you have formed the best five-card combination and if you have the winning hand, it’s time to go all-in. Opponents tend to give up and fold - even if they have their best combination.

Bluff your way out, if you have a bad hand and you think you can outplay the opponents, then raise the bet to make them think you have a strong hand that may rise the chances of opponents to fold and give up even if they had the best combination. Bluffing is risky but it’s definitely worth a shot.

Raise to guess the opponent's hand, study the reactions of your opponents to guess the strength of their hand. Opponents tend to check or call in the same amount that you have raised if they have a weak hand.

How to increase winning strategy

Every poker player plays the game to win big and there can be a pro player seated as your opponent giving you tough competition, leaving more probability of you losing the game. So it’s better to invest your time and chips on smaller tables and increase your winning consistence. Practice and hone your skills on the smaller tables, this way YOU can become the pro and dominate the bigger tables with more winnings.

Mix up your strategy

A player should never maintain the same strategy in every game. One has to develop a unique gaming style to lead the game but if your opponent predicts your style, they can be a hindrance to your winnings. Hence, mix up the gameplay and delude the opponent. A pro player often folds, plays slow and also speeds up when the card is on his/her favor. Playing randomly is one pro tip to win the real cash in online poker, because this way you will become unpredictable.

Measure the odds

A lot of individuals who play poker online mostly have no clue how to measure the odds to win the pot. Measuring the odds actually allows the player to see the community cards more transparently. If you do not measure the odds, you will have virtually no chance in big pots, to win on a consistent basis you must have a strategy.

Let’s now learn to measure or calculate the odds that will help you win the pot. Say you’re trying to form a flush with 2 pocket hole cards and 4 community cards on the table. There are 46 unknown cards left from a deck of 52 cards and you need that one card out of 46 to win the pot. As there are only 13 cards in a suit and since we already have 4 out of 13 cards we are down with 9 odds. These odds can worsen the scenario if we consider each player on the table who also holds cards which are unknown to us. Calculating and knowing the odds will help you to know when to play tight or loose to avoid the potential loss.