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Be observant; analyze the opponent and his/her tactics. Try to understand your opponent’s gaming style to be well prepared to make a counterattack spontaneously. Have an eye to predict the next move in advance to outplay your opponent without breaking a sweat. We have fabricated two different playing styles that are most common in the table of online poker.

Ø Fast vs. Slow play

Fast or Tight play is a style of play where a player plays only the best hands on the community cards and neglects the bad hands. This style is usually played when the player runs short on money or when the player is keen on winning the pot with minimal loss.

Slow or Loose play is a style of play where a player plays all the games with good or bad hands without hesitation, this style is usually played when the player is playing for joy.

Ø Macho vs. Meek play

Raising the bet rapidly from time to time signifies the style of playing aggressively, this style is called aggressive play or macho play, this type of gaming style usually gives a fear in the opponent, making them fold even when they have a better hand. This action is called the “bluff”.

The meek play or passive play is a style of playing the game heedfully, where a player is too cautious about the game. The player tends to use call or check more than raise and bet high.

Now that you know more about poker tips and gaming styles, observe your opponents and outplay them when you find them using these gaming styles or strategies.

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