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Tilting in poker is one of the biggest mistakes that most players make. It is mostly caused due to emotional frustration or instability, which in return causes nothing but a huge loss in poker. Almost all players have committed this mistake sub-consciously. Although it might not seem as easy as it sounds to avoid tilting, there are a few steps we can follow to avoid it.

Keep your emotions aside

Playing poker? It’s time to keep your emotions aside and concentrate on the game. Emotion plays a huge role in taking control of how you play, therefore, the first thing you would want to do is to keep your emotions aside. When you are emotionally unstable, you won’t be able to give in your all, hence distracting you from the game, which is a dangerous step as it will lead to tilting.

Set your fixed-limit amount

This step is essential for those who aren’t good at managing their bankrolls. When you set your fixed-limit amount, you will automatically be forced to leave the game after reaching a certain amount, no matter how big of a bankroll you might have. This will enhance you to take control of your bankroll and keep track of your spending, hence, making sure you don’t spend everything in one go.

Take breaks

Learn to take breaks in between. As the saying goes “everything too much is bad”, the same applies to poker. You might be winning on a continuous streak or losing on a continuous streak, you surely do need a break so that you can come back with a more refreshed mind, ready to begin all over again.

The players should try as much as possible to avoid tilting at all, to avoid unnecessary losses in poker.

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