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Playing poker is not for the weak, and if you think you have what it takes to be a successful poker player, the most important step is to know how to manage your bankroll. Bankroll is the amount of money that the players keep aside for his poker game. Many brilliant poker players and top players have faced the consequence of poor bankroll management, which has added to their loss.

When it comes to poker, the players should master the art of managing their money so as to avoid any additional loses and also to refrain from going broke. The players should separate their personal and poker finances, because the risk of using all the personal finance is most likely to happen when you don’t separate the two.

The most common mistake that the players make is spending all-in even when they are not dealt with a very strong or unbeatable hand. Learn to play within your bankroll. Even if you have a higher bankroll, you should avoid investing all the money. In such cases, the players have high chances of losing everything just at one go. Many potential great players never move up in stakes because of the inability to manage their bankroll properly.

At certain times, you might be tempted to enter cash-games where the prize-pool is really high, but if the buy-ins are beyond your bankroll, you will want to avoid taking such risks and play at your usual stakes. Remember to keep track of the sessions that you have played so that you will know exactly when to move up or down in stakes and maintain stability for your bankroll account.

Keeping these points in mind, a player is one step ahead in being a successful poker player.

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