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Heads Up Poker is one of the most entertaining yet challenging game in poker. It involves a number of two players where they have to play against each other at a single table. In order to win in this kind of tournaments, the players have to acquire a different kind of skill which will keep them winning in the long run.

When you are playing with a stranger or a player who plays in a uniform basis, it is best for you to make use of the unpredictable strategy. In this game, the small-blind is assigned to one player and the big-blind is assigned to the other player. The button is the small-blind and as the game goes on, the rotation between them continues.

This article will explain to you in detail about the strategies and the tips and tricks that will help you win.

Keep an eye on your opponents play

The basic and the foremost moves to begin playing in heads up would be keeping an eye on how your opponent plays his cards. Although it is a game that is played in a very high-pressure environment, it is also good to know that it is of huge advantage to the players who are well aware about the game. Since in heads up poker, you will have to deal with only one opponent, it will be much easier for a proficient player to be able to understand the play of their opponent and hence act accordingly.

Play aggressively

Remember that in Heads Up Poker, one of the most efficient way to win would be playing aggressively. It has been relatively proven that players who play more aggressively win more often. By doing so, the players are putting pressure on their opponent and constantly putting them to test. The players have to mix up their play in order to keep their opponents guessing. And although limping is not much encouraged, occasionally limping with a strong hand or raising with a weaker hand will give you the advantage of winning.

Trust your intuition

The art of mastering the tell-tells in heads up poker is of vital importance. If you are up against a weaker player then is equally important for you to elevate your game play to the next level by ramping up the aggression. And in times when your opponent is favored with a better hand, you can easily get away with it since the other player will most likely raise much more higher than the previous games. Also, don’t forget to lookout for your opponent’s weaknesses that you can exploit. Say for example, you are aware of the fact that your opponent only bets the flop when they hit the board or when they have a pocket pair, then you should start betting the flop out of position.

Look-out if your opponent is a loose player

Your game play will differ from one player to another and therefore, you should be able to adjust yourself with the environment according to how they play. The players who play loose will allow you to be more patient with your offense. Reduce your bluffs while, at the same time increase your value bets. Since in such cases, your opponent will be doing more calling. Do not forget that a loose opponents range will often be wide, so timely bluffs should be an important part of your strategy. Be sure to bet higher when their range consists of numerous weak holdings, and also when the card is in your favor. Moves like this can be quite risky against a loose opponent!.

Heads Up Poker is one of the easiest way to win more easily because of the short-stack sizes. If you can utilize these tips and strategies, it will help you win in the long run.

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